About us

Our company has been involved in fighting sports business for past 15 years.

Owner and CEO of the company, Mr. Orsat Zovko has been in media business for 26 years, producing linear channels and live fighting events as well as being a manager for many international fighting stars, including reknown kickboxing and MMA fighter Mirko Cro Cop.

We are owner, organizer and producer of ‘Final Fight Championship’ (FFC) MMA and kickboxing events held in Europe and USA. With it, we offer unique fighting channels (‘Fight Channel’ and ‘Fight Channel World HD’), PPV live events, VOD archive events, sport portal and web shop.

Our content can be purchased through various CATV, IPTV, DTH and OTT operators worldwide and via our own livestream service. Company is located in Zagreb (Croatia), Los Angeles (USA) and soon in Abu Dhabi (UAE).

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